Professional Energy Solutions (PESO) was founded and registered in the Republic of Kenya in  2015 as a business enterprise. Its core business is the provision of green energy solutions. We design, size, supply, install,  test, commission and trouble shoot solar /solar hybrid energy systems.

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We are Experts in

  • Designing, Installating and Troubleshooting of Solar & Hybrid Energy System.
  • Solar & Solar Hybrid energy Consultanting.
  • Solar Energy Trainers & Curriculum Developers.
What some of our clients have to say…
Am very grateful to professional energy solutions. Now we can study at  night with good lighting and wake up early to do morning preps before going to school.
Day secondary and primary school children, Nunguni.
My solar systems was installed in 2012 but I have never had the pleasure of enjoying it. It would light for only one hour and the lights go off. When Professional  Energy Solutions (PESO) came, I not only enjoy lighting, but I can watch TV anytime I want. Thanks to PESO.
Client, Kikumini, Makueni County
I would make journey to the nearest market to charge my phone about three times a week. Now  I can  charge my mobile phone and charge for others. I also shave the ahir of my children comfortably without any problem at all, any time. I am very grateful to PESO for installing a solar system in my home.
Client at Kativani Market, makueni county
These guys know what they are doing, Since they installed my system in 2015, I have not had any problem so far.
Client, Kambu, Makueni County.
My students can have early morning preps and night preps even when there is grid power  black out. Thanks to PESO for installing a solar system for us.
Principal of a school, Kikumini, Makueni County
I am not connected to Kenya power lighting  and so PESO came and installed a powerful solar system in my 18 roomed maisonette . Now i can enjoy lighting and can watch TV and charge phone comfortably.
Client, Vota, Machakos County
I used to eat raw food because I am old and could not see clearly when am cooking, because I was using kerosene lamp after the solar system stopped working two years ago. Now I can enjoy well cooked food because I can see as I cook. Thanks you for reviving my solar system.
Client, Mwala, Machakos County
Am so grateful for the help Professional Energy Solutions were able to render for trouble shooting my solar PV/grid hybrid system.
Client Athi-River, Machakos, County