About Us


Professional Energy Solutions (PESO) was founded and registered in the Republic of Kenya on 8th October 2015 as a business enterprise. Our core business is the provision of green energy solutions by designing, sizing, supplying, installing,  testing, commissioning and trouble shooting of  solar /solar hybrid energy systems. We also develop training curriculum as well as train in photovoltaic solar system sizing and installation.

Business Information:

Professional Energy Solutions endeavors to create lasting solutions to the energy business world by offering quality and professional services while maintaining effectiveness, efficiency and environmental concern through our dedicated and focused team. We offer affordable and reliable services. Ours is to listen to the client’s desires and needs and we endeavor to fulfill their dreams.

Reliable, Efficient and Effective


To be a Global leader in providing Solar Energy Solutions


To provide technical solutions by providing professional services to its clients

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  •  Efficiency
  •  Effectiveness
  •  Environmental conservation
  • Reliability

Our area of operation includes:

  • Designing, sizing, supply and Installation of Photovoltaic Solar and hybrid systems.
  • Trouble shooting and system diagnosis of  Installed Photovoltaic Solar and hybrid systems.
  • Consultancy on Solar and Hybrid systems
  • Training in Photovoltaic solar design, sizing, installation and maintenance.
  • Development of training curricullum.